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July 06, 2010


I whole heartedly disagree. We have several hundred AIX images and in the large enterprise world this may seem like a good way to consolidate workload, but there are many application that simply won't function well in a WPAR (even IBM ones). Applications tend to want to maintain varying version of their code base which made the system WPAR attractive, but maintenance can become a nightmare. Over the last 2 years we have had multiple PMRs opened due to OS maintenance update failures with system WPARs that took multiple months to get repaired. We perform OS maintenance quarterly due to compliance and auditing requirements. If you plan on using these, protect yourself by limiting their usage to test and possibly pilot environments. Make sure you test several OS and application upgrades BEFORE going to production and save yourself some headaches. Perhaps with a little more time WPARs will have more benefit to us all.

Yes..same here. We migrated an LPAR to version WPAR and after that autosys never worked. and no one was able to provide a solution.

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