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September 20, 2010



To be able to decompress under AIX, use the ZIP binary from Michael Perzl :

hi, how i can download these iso images of aix 7?

If you have entitled software support, you can log into: then sign in with your IBM ID, then on the left side click on software downloads. Your IBMer or Business Partner should be able to help you if you still have issues.


Two months ago we procured IBM Power740 machine with 12CPU & 128 G of RAM, before the placement of order we decided that we will run AIX 6.1 on power740, the same will be delivered to us i.e power740 with AIX6.1 media.But after that our IT managment decided that why should not we go to AIX 7.1, so we got the media 7.1 from the local IBM and start setting up the system. we confiugred two vios server, virtualized HBA using NPIV, SEA etc etc. Our QA & UAT teams start testing our application using Oracle 10g with BEA weblogic 7 & 11. During QA & UAT we didn't find any issues on our applications. So we start planning to moved our setups power 740 production environment, our previous machines were p570 with AIX 5.3 on which our applications are running fine. But on the day when we live our p740 system problems getting starts the genuine users starts reporting the slowness problems in posting or saving the transactions. We all got worry what happens to this new machine..? what happens with the AIX 7.1? Where is the problem...? We start troubleshooting the problem, engage the IBM 1st & 2nd Level support sending them different performance paramters & nmon lparstat output. We at our end try some changes like we remove the virtual ethernet/SEA and use the physical adapter considering that the there may be ethernet issue between the database server & weblogic server communication. Then we talked with IBM, IBM just recomends few things i.e reducing the CPU & changing some AIO parameters, which didn't work for us. We engage the STG lab representative via conference call with our Oracle database team, the IBM guy recomends some oracle tunning parameters like increasing the SGA size & other paramters. At that point we were being informed that Oracle 10g is not certified on AIX 7.1, so may be this would be comaptability issue. IBM guy recomends upgrading our oracle to however which was also not certified but having updated patched version but our database database team was not interseted to do that because it required lot of time & effort which we don't have for the production environment. Finally we decided that we should fall back to our AIX 5.3 as previously our applications were running smooth on it without any performance issues. Today we are running our p740 with AIX 5.3 with same database & weblogic versions and everything is running fine till now, now performance issues, no slowness reported & users are happy so we are happy.

So we are happy in running AIX 5.3 on our p740.

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