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October 25, 2011


I used to customize things a lot. I have reverted to strong ksh skills, and as you said "set -o vi; stty erase ^h" to do most things. I work in a hosting data center. We have customers from everywhere, and don't always get much say, and have found that changing the defaults on even things like prompts breaks poorly written scripts from vendors and developers. When I need something more custom I have a script that I can run that will set things nicely for me. The longer I work on different UN*X based systems, the less I do to change the defaults.

The one thing we do is set the the remote terminal title, so when multiple windows are open it is easier to manage them without working on the wrong machines.

I almost always copy set -o vi, adding /usr/local/bin to my path, and user:directory prompt setup to my profile for any system I'm going to use more than once. Frankly, I don't know why those aren't defaults.

i'm all about customization for my personal shell which i keep consistent thanks to a shared home directory.. 450 lines of cruft built up over the years, lots of functions and aliases that simplify my life or once did, anyways.

the root environment on our systems was definitely a compromise, we ultimately do very little apart from including pwd in the prompt, splitting out shell history by euid, setting timestamps in shell history, and few other handy environment type things like stty erase etc.

whats gotten me the most though is customization of vios shell, since we have upwards of 100 VIOS servers, we made some changes to make it more user friendly, including some nice aliases and a descriptive prompt.. now when i find myself on a vanilla vios install i actually have to think for a moment to recall the old way.

the other way we customize our environment though is by managing it centrally with xcat as much as possible.. so there's really only ONE server i care about my creature comforts being on most days.. most changes to vios for example all happen via shell scripts from a control server.. things like managing lun's across a grouping of 10 vios servers become more uniform and cut down on mistakes.

These creature comforts took so doing to get in but now that they are part of the integral build (/etc/profile etc) and default .profile, the admins can't do without them. So much so they are now part of ours standards and managed from a central location :)

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