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April 23, 2013


Understand the point about the name.... But, "IBM i" is just clunky and awkward. Not mention, "IBM i" (with the lowercase standalone i) drives autocorrect nuts!!! :)

Rob, fabulous blog entry!

Although, after 5 years of the IBM i name, the woodwork produces a commenter who apparently thinks his personal preference for a name supersedes the marketing department of IBM. And, while reading a techie blog, he apparently is not techie enough to master the autocorrect settings of his favorite word processing & email software.

I expect he will return to the dark green AS/400 cave soon, while the rest of the community embraces a strong future with Power Systems running IBM i, and occasionally AiX :-)

Rob, thank you for the shout-out to my favorite operating system!

As I tell my IBM i customers, the correct name is "Power Systems" but if you're giving me a purchase order you can call it anything you like.

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