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April 30, 2013


Sounds like a great resource. Thanks for letting us know about it, Rob.

Just a note, for the SEA interfaces, perhaps it would be better to use the VIOS restricted shell by being logged in as padmin. Also, the syntax seems to be large_send=yes rather than large_send=1.

Here's the command I found worked in the restricted shell:
chdev -dev entN -attr large_send=yes
chdev -dev entN -attr large_receive=yes
(Note the spelling of receive - that's "receive" not "recieve")

In the full AIX shell using oem_setup_env, the commands are similar:
chdev -l entN -a large_send=yes
chdev -l entN -a large_receive=yes

Very much appreciate the pointer to this information and your highlights of the content.
Unfortunately for some of us, dropbox is considered a "no-no" by our security folks which makes getting the slides somewhat difficult.
I will attempt from home but was wondering if they could be posted somewhere perhaps more accessible to all (developerworks?)

Thanks again.

Rob...Thank you very much for excelent guide. Can I get the slides

Here is the link to the 1.2 version of the slides:

There is a newer version of the slides which I wrote about here:


Unable to get the Dropbox slides, could you please link it again?

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