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May 28, 2013


I have noticed this feature start to appear in later versions of HMC,however I have to admit that I was more than a little nervous about trying it in anger.
The main HMC/VIOS problems remains patching and updating. I recently installed a p7+ system and was unable to configure it until I installed the very latest version of everything and this proved a major chicken-and-egg exercise because there was no way to correctly see the LAN adapter and so I had to burn everything to DVDs and then manually load it whilst in the datacentre, which is very time-consuming and disruptive. IBM needs to look into a way of simplifying this process.

Tried this today with an NFS server. Worked well! However, there is no indication what VIOS Edition (EXpress, Standard, Enterprise) is being installed. Any way to determine this?

After the install is done, run

chedition -list

It will show you what version you are running. You can change it with

chedition -ext
chedition -std
chedition -ent


help chedition

as padmin for more information.

I use this regularly for installs but I would like them to add the VLAN tag field from the command.

Will this method work for installing 2nd VIO server on the same frame? More important, will it NOT affect the current running VIO server.

As long as you give your 2nd VIO server a different disk controller / fibre card, it would have no way of affecting what you have already set up with your first VIO server.

The latest preloaded HMC code I saw (V8R8.1.0.0) already had the VIO image loaded in the VIOS image repository on the HMC which made it even easier to use this method to load VIO servers.


I'm still a newbee at this;
For my 2nd VIOS, I plan to add two fibre card for external storage. What do I need to do the the internal storage? VIOS #1 has pooled storage. Do I build VIOS #2 with same internal disk controller or new one?

Thank you

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