October 15, 2007

Roadmap to IBM Certified for DB2 on z/OS?

The first step in getting certified is to check the IBM Web site to see what the certification road map is. Whether you’re interested in getting a certification certificate or you just want to learn more about DB2 9, follow the Information Management path.


Notice in the chart that exam 730 DB2 9 Fundamentals is the foundation for all certifications. However, if you already have a DB2 UDB V8.1 Certified DBA certificate then you don’t have to take exam 730. To upgrade your V8.1 certificate, you would then go on and take exam 732 DB2 9 DBA for z/OS to receive your IBM Certified Database Administration certificate.

If you are following the LUW (Linux, UNIX, Windows) track you would take exam 731 DB2 9 DBA for LUW to receive your IBM Certified Database Administration certificate. You may continue on the LUW track and pass exam 734 to obtain the IBM Certified Advanced Database Administrator certificate.

The development track isn’t really split up along the lines of z/OS versus LUW. The common theme is programming in Java, .NET, ODBC/CLI, and embedded SQL programming. To keep yourself trained and marketable, you’ll need a basic understanding of these languages and how DB2 works with them. To receive the IBM Certified Application Developer certificate you must pass two examinations: exam 730 and exam 733.

To prepare for the certification, the following is recommended:

  • Formal Education
    --You can find the recommended training from IBM Learning Services
  • Online Tutorials
    --You can find free self-study training: New DB2 9 Fundamentals Exam 730 Certification Preparation Tutorial Series; New DB2 9 DBA for Linux, Unix and Windows Exam 731 Certification Preparation Tutorial Series; New Complimentary DB2 9 Application Development Certification Exam Preparation Tutorials to prepare for test 733 DB2 9 Application Developer. (Note: I couldn’t find any self-study material for z/OS test 732 DB2 9 DBA for z/OS)
  • Publications: Product manuals are available in PDF format; Redbooks are available online; IBM Press Books can be found online; and the Information Management Book Store is also a good resource.
  • For $10, you can take an assessment examination to see what areas of the exam you need to focus on.

Details about the test (e.g., name, duration, number of questions and passing score) are available online. For example the 730 DB2 9 Family Fundamentals takes 90 minutes, has 64 questions and you must have 59 correct answers to pass. The 732 DB2 9 for z/OS exam allows 90 minutes, 73 questions and you must have 59 correct answers to pass.

A couple of methods are available for taking the exam:

  • Prometric is the official IBM testing service for the certification process. You can find a testing center near you and register to take the test online. Each test costs $150.
  • IBM provides FREE testing services at the IDUG or IOD technical conferences.

You can see from the information and requirements that getting your certification can take some effort; however, the rewards can be worth it. The Certification Magazine 2006 salary survey shows that people with a certification received on average 12 percent more than those without certification. I hope you take the opportunity to improve your knowledge of DB2 and further your career.