June 03, 2008

IDUG and IBM Seek XML Superstars

At the recent IDUG North America Conference, IDUG and IBM announced a contest to highlight the benefits of DB2 and emerging technologies.

The nice thing about this contest is that it's not just for the expert XML developer. The goal is to have students as well as professionals participate. You'll be provided with educational opportunities to learn and build your skills in DB2, XML, pureXML and XQUERY.

Depending on your interest you can compete in several different categories: XML programming, application porting and database gadgetry. There's also a video contest and what's called a query challenge.

The opportunity to build your skills using some of the world's finest database technology should provide ample incentive to participate. But there are also the prizes, which include an all-expense trip to an IBM or IDUG conference, or a Segway i2, Nintendo Wii, along with interviews and lab visits.

The contest is scheduled to start in June and will run through November. Visit for details.