October 07, 2008

Take The XML Challenge

In a June DB2utor blog entry, I wrote about an IDUG initiative to find the next XML "superstar." It's funny that, as I'm trying to learn XML and share that experience with you, I received word of a new XML-related contest. "The XML Challenge," another IDUG-sponsored event, kicked off last week.

I'll definitely be looking into this contest (and will enter it if I find the time). At the very least, I'll get some free education that will strengthen my pureXML programming skills.

The XML Challenge has five categories: XML application programming, ported applications, database gadgets, videos and query challenge. What's great about this initiative is the educational value. Contestants are exposed to practical applications and "tests" that are intended to validate understanding and ability to program IBM database technologies. Entries will be judged by an independent panel of DB2 professionals.

Prizes available to winning contestants include an all-expense paid trip to an IDUG conference, a Segway i2 personal transport system or a new laptop, iPod, Sony PlayStation 3 or Nintendo Wii system. Students who participate can win interviews and lab visits and of course develop a new job skill that should appeal to employers. Developers can gain recognition from world-class consultants and be celebrated by their peers.

So check out The XML Challenge. And if you do enter the contest, good luck, and I hope you'll share what you learn in comments.