December 23, 2008

Data Studio Videos Make it Easy to Jump Right In

If you're like me, when you get a new product you jump right in and try to figure it out. In my case, after stumbling around a little, I'll eventually concede that it's time to break out the documentation. Sometimes though, even documentation isn't enough. What you'd really like is to see an experienced hand work with the product and give you insight as to its proper use.

Of course, in most cases to get this type of training you need to pay for an instructor-led class. But not always. For instance, there's IBM Data Studio. Last week I told you about the latest version of this solution, but there's more. In addition to providing a trial version of Data Studio, IBM is now providing some free Data Studio training. These "demo videos" are available from what the company calls the IBM DEMOzone.

The first video, "Optimizing Query Performance," demonstrates how a DBA and developer, working together, use Data Studio to resolve a query performance problem. 

The second video, "Optimizing Existing JDBC Applications," explains the performance and security issues related to running dynamic SQL, and then takes you through the simple steps of convert the SQL to static without having to change the underlying application code.

IBM offers an impressive list of download options for these videos:

  • Video playback in your browser
  • Video podcast on iTunes
  • Adobe Flash file
  • Add to PowerPoint
  • View script in PDF

I'm really impressed with the extra effort that must have gone into making a script available in PDF. I printed the script off and then made notes to it while viewing the video. This helped me when I went back to Data Studio and actually tried to perform the task covered in the video. I could check my notes in the script and figure out the next steps to take.

Take a look at the related demo links found on the middle-right side of the web page. You can subscribe to a podcast or an RSS feed (to be notified when new videos are available. You can even burn a DVD containing all of the training videos. Not only is this free education, it's easy to use.

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