December 16, 2008

IBM Unveils Another Data Studio Update

Have you had a chance to download and work with IBM Data Studio 1.1? How about Data Studio 1.2? The V1.2 announcement seems like it happened yesterday, but in fact that unveiling occurred last summer. And now, a mere five months later, version 2.1 is unveiled.

When I first tried Data Studio I knew IBM was on to something big. With the speed at which the company is coming out with new releases you can see that IBM is putting its resources behind this full features Java development suite. And with these efforts, IBM is working toward providing the industry's best development suite.

What's really nice is that the core features are available for free. If you're confused by the Data Studio packaging or wondering which features are free and which are licensed add-ons, take a few minutes to review this. Then get started with this trial version.

The key new features available with Data Studio V2.1 are:

  • SQL injection risk for Java database applications is reduced or eliminated.
  • Developers have more information to focus SQL tuning efforts.
  •  Impact analysis for any database changes is simplified.
  • Quality of service for OpenJPA and for .NET applications is improved.
  • The solution is designed to improve productivity and collaboration between developers and DBAs.

Data Studio V2.1 enhancements are centered on improving performance, productivity and security. Static and dynamic SQL execution can now be limited to code that's been internally reviewed and approved by developers and DBAs. To help improve the tuning effort, metrics can be captured during development to help hone in on potential problem areas. The impact analysis enhancements will help you easily find the Java programs and SQL that are impacted by database changes. 

Developers using the Java Persistence Architecture (OpenJPA) with WebSphere now have an advantage in leveraging pureQuery technology to improve stability, security and manageability for JPA applications. Data Studio pureQuery Runtime V2.1 also provides support to improve stability, security and manageability to .NET applications written in any .NET-based language, including C+ and VB NET.

The interface with Data Studio 2.1 has undergone numerous user interface enhancements based on customer feedback and usability testing. One improvement I really like is a feature called "shared database connection configuration across Data Studio Eclipse-based tools." Now I need only define my connection once and import that definition into the other tools I use. You can also generate code for multiple tables at once and take advantage of support for the new MERGE statement.

These are just a few of the enhancements. For a complete description of what's new IBM Data Studio V2.1, be sure to read the announcement letter.