January 20, 2009

Help Shape the Future of DB2

As a DBA or application developer, you've likely performed some task that you wish DB2 would handle for you. One way to get IBM's attention about such things is through IDUG, which regularly compiles requirements suggested by DB2 users and delivers them to IBM for its evaluation. (IBM may or may not choose to implement any suggested requirement.)

Now is the perfect time to help shape the future of DB2. Fifteen requirements are currently open for discussion. Once the discussion period is complete, a vote will take place to determine which requirements are sent to IBM. If you're registered with IDUG or have attended an IDUG conference in the past year, you're eligible to vote as a premium member.

Categories and topics currently up for review are:

• DB2 for z/OS Recovery
o Terminate Utility Command “SAFEONLY”
• DB2 for z/OS Other
o SQL Level “Collating Sequence”
o Member Cluster Update
o REORG Rebalance should be a one-step process
o Add DISCARD option to CHECK DATA utility
•  DB2 for z/OS SQL
o Allow “include” on a unique index
o Provide catalog view for DB2 for z/OS
• DB2 for z/OS Performance
o Idle Thread Timeout parameter on User Level

• DB2 for LUW Recovery
o RECOVER command in LUW should expand to table space level
• DB2 for LUW Other
o Slow Deactivate
o Introduce an XML output option for db2pd
o Auto complete in the DB2 CLP
• DB2 for LUW SQL
o Provide an SQL routine that returns current DDL for user objects
o Design Advisor: Maximum number of recommended indexes
• DB2 for LUW Performance
o Explain parameter for REBIND command

Your participation in this process is highly encouraged to ensure that the voice of the DB2 community is heard.