May 19, 2009

z/OS Storage Makes a Solid Statement

IBM recently released a new "Redguide" publication, "Ready to Access DB2 for z/OS Data on Solid-State Drives."

While I've used solid-state devices in home electronic devices like iPod and video and digital cameras, I never imagined that we'd see this type of technology on z/OS. As I read this publication I realized that I haven't kept up with the improvements in storage technology and the amazing response times in I/O. The Redguide thoroughly reviews new hardware DS8000 storage subsystems and explains how SSDs are used in the subsystem. The DB2 access types (synchronous I/O, sequential I/O, list prefetch, list prefetch with striping and synchronous I/O using one or two RAID ranks) are also reviewed, a section which includes the response times achieved in the lab.

It's interesting to note that the need to cluster data may become less important as storage technologies improves. It will be interesting to learn how SSD will impact the DB2 Optimizer since it takes I/O cost into account.