July 28, 2009

New Award for Outstanding Work in DB2

Has your company solved some complicated or technical challenges using DB2 for z/OS? Did you discover some innovative way to help the business using DB2 for z/OS? If so, here's a chance to win some great prizes for both you and your company. The award sponsor is CA, which, I should point out, is my current employer. IDUG and four independent DB2 consultants are also helping out by providing the prizes.

The award recognizes outstanding work in DB2. Prizes include an IDUG conference pass, half-day consulting engagements by each of the four consultant judges, expense reimbursement up to $1,500 for travel to an IDUG conference or an onsite consulting engagement. Submit nominations by Sept. 11, 2009.  

This new award is not your typical vendor-driven award.

  1. A panel of seven judges will decide the winner. Judges:  Michael McBride (IDUG president), Kurt Struyf (Competency Partners), Isaac Yassin (Isaac Yassin Consulting), Ole Holmskov (HITCON), Peter Backlund (Peter Backlund DB2-Konsult AB), and Scott Jessee and Dave Schipper (CA).
  2. The prizes for the winners are impossible to ignore.
  3. The deadline for the first contest is insane. 
  4. The criteria take into account the human aspects of delivering great results in DB2–weighted as much toward the people doing the work as the technology supporting their projects.