October 13, 2009

T-REXXERS a Valuable Resource

You may have noticed that I've devoted numerous blog posts over these past few months to the topic of mainframe education. For instance, newbies and long-time mainframe pros alike can learn plenty from this 11-volume IBM Redbook series.

Another good resource is the T-REXXERS Web site, which collects and redistributes information of interest to mainframe professionals. Of course T-rex is a reference to the Tyrannosaurus rex and the oft-made proclamation that the mainframe is going extinct like the dinosaurs. Funny how that hasn't happened yet.

Anyway, T-REXXERS has much to offer. Check the news section for an aggregation of the latest z/OS-related articles.

I've recently read "How has the Mainframe Survived? Ask IBM's Dave Rhoderick" and "Using Cryptography on the Mainframe: An Amateur's Guide."

If you'd like to post your own article or read others' comments, check out "The Basic Building Blog."

This section goes beyond the mainframe. I found some interesting entries about home brewing and futuristic trees that suck carbon out of the air. As for a mainframe-specific topic, I did read "The Angry Mainframer Blog."

Other areas of the site include a library of articles and presentations, a forum for posting questions and receiving answers, a calendar of mainframe events, a list of job training resources and links to other relevant sites (including your favorite DB2 blog).

If you're new to z/OS in particular, I'd like to know what you think of T-REXXERS. Hopefully you'll find it worth your time. And if you're a veteran T-REXXER like me, please post in Comments and share your wisdom with the next generation of mainframe professionals.