December 08, 2009

Code Place is the Place for DB2 Code Samples

The International DB2 User Group (IDUG) Web site is a great place to share your experience and to get help with your DB2 questions. The IDUG is also a great place because of the Code Place.

The Code Place contains a treasure trove of downloadable sample programs and useful tools that people have freely shared with the DB2 community. Having just written about the EXPLAIN statement, I thought I'd see what free code is available to help with Explain processing.

When I entered "explain" in the title filter, it returned three entries:

Explain comparison DB2 V8 NFM -- This application reads the DB2 Plan tables and presents the data via ISPF. It also loads Changes packages into a DB2 table for review.
Customize Explain for your application -- This application allows you to customize Explain for your application.
DB2 for z/OS explain compare -- This application contains a set of panels and batch jobs that report changes in access path selection based on the data in the plan table. Panels show package SQL and support the creation of HINTS.
These look like some great sample applications to help you use the EXPLAIN statement. And this is just one topic. IDUG Code Place features almost 150 sample applications in all. If you're looking for some help in virtually any area of DB2, login to and check out Code Place.

You can also share your own scripts and programs with the DB2 community by contributing to Code Place. Go here, and then select the upload option to attach your code.

Note the IDUG site has recently been redesigned. This is an obvious work-around until IDUG's Web team can find time to add an upload link to the Code Place tab. I should add that volunteers support and maintain IDUG's Web site, and that the organization is currently seeking a webmaster. If you're interested, contact IDUG through the Volunteer tab.

Thank you for considering sharing your code and or your time to the DB2 community.