December 22, 2009

Configuring SSL with DB2 9 for z/OS

When I first installed DB2 9 for z/OS, I noticed a secondary port that supports Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). I was pleased I to see that DB2 for z/OS could participate in Web applications that require a secure connection.

Later, when I researched this feature, I found that SSL, in addition to supporting Web-based client connections, is also good for DB2-to-DB2 communication. Great, I thought--but how do I setup SSL and configure DB2 to take advantage of SSL?

If you're looking for the answer to this question, you need to check out a new document from the IBM Redbooks team. The draft Redpaper, "DB2 9 for z/OS: Configuring SSL for Secure Client-Server Communications," is intended to help network, security and database administrators with the task of setting up and configuring SSL with DB2 9 for z/OS.

The Redpaper covers these topics:
•    SSL and IP AT-TLS overview.
•    Configuring DB2 9 for z/OS server with SSL support.
•    Configuring DB2 9 for z/OS requester with SSL support.
•    Configuring Java applications using IBM Data Server Driver for JDBC and SQLJ to use SSL.
•    Configuring non-Java DB2 clients for Linux, UNIX and Windows to use SSL.
•    Configuring remote client applications to use SSL via a DB2 Connect server for Linux, UNIX and Windows.

This Redpaper provides an overview and some great diagrams to help you better understand the technology and architecture behind SSL. But what really makes it valuable is the inclusion of step-by-step instructions with sample JCL and commands.

If you've setup and configured SSL with DB2 9 for z/OS, please share your experience by posting in Comments.