February 16, 2010

Free Education: New IBM eBook series

If you like to learn about and/or try out new technology, you're in luck. IBM is publishing a series of books related to database development technologies. These eBooks will be posted to the IBM developerWorks Web site as they become available.

Here's a brief summary of each eBook (they're either out now or coming soon). What's really nice about the series is that the relevant software is available as no-charge downloads.

* Getting Started with DB2 Express-C -- DB2 Express-C is a fully functional community edition of DB2 for LUW that's used to build, deploy and distribute applications. This book provides a nice overview of DB2 as well as information about other no-charge application development tools.

* IBM Data Studio for DB2 -- Data Studio is a free Eclipse-based tool that is considered a replacement for DB2 Control Center. This book examines how Data Studio is used to manage DB2. It also covers how the tool can be used to develop stored procedures, Web services, user defined functions and more.

* Getting Started with pureQuery -- This as yet unreleased book will review the pureQuery technology, which provides a new data access platform that's designed to simplify development and optimize data access for Java and .NET applications.

* Getting Started with WAS CE -- WebSphere Application Server Community Edition (WAS CE) is the free edition built on top of Apache Geronimo. This as yet unreleased book will review how to build Java EE applications in conjunction with Eclipse and DB2 Express-C.

* Getting Started with Eclipse -- This as yet unreleased book will offer an overview of the world's most widely used open source IDE. You'll learn how to develop application in Eclipse in conjunction with DB2 Express-C.

* Getting Started with InfoSphere Data Architect -- This as yet unreleased book will focus on using InfoSPhere Data Architect to work with logical and physical database designs.