February 23, 2010

IDUG Reaches Out to Long-Time Attendees

I've been attending IDUG for years. I know that what I learn at the conference will keep my DB2 skills current. It's a thrill whenever I take a tip on DB2 that I picked up at IDUG and use it on a real-world project. I also enjoy seeing old friends from the DB2 community -- many of whom have helped me (and vice versa) over the years.

While I believe that training is a worthwhile investment for employers, convincing management of the value of conferences like IDUG is more challenging than ever. In response to the tough economic climate, IDUG has come up with an unprecedented offer to help its long-time members make the case to management: Become an IDUG Mentor.

The offer comes with two primary stipulations. First, you must have attended at least five major IDUG conferences over the past decade. Second, you must be accompanied by a first-time conference attendee. IDUG Mentors are eligible to receive the following at the IDUG 2010 North America Conference this May in Tampa, Fla.:

•    Recognition at the opening session
•    Special meeting with IBM developers and presenters
•    Early admission to the vendor exhibits
•    Mentor SIG for you to share training ideas
•    Eligibility to apply for a $1,600 discount coupon to bring a first-time attendee

To learn more about the IDUG Mentor program and to apply for the discount, go here.