April 06, 2010

Rewarding DB2 Innovation

One of the first systems I designed from the ground up was back when packages first came out in DB2 V2.3. This application was designed for CICS and batch processing. While we needed several copies of the database in development, we didn't have the resources to bring up multiple CICS regions. So we designed the application to read from a DB2 table the names of user IDs to get the associated collection name. This allowed users to switch between different systems just by updating this one table. The collection name appeared in the top right corner of the CICS screen so users knew which set of DB2 tables they were processing. At the time it was a nice, less costly alternative to having to bring up multiple CICS regions so that users could do their work.

How about you? Has your company solved some complicated or technical challenges using DB2 for z/OS? Did you discover some innovative way to help the business using DB2 for z/OS? If so, here's a chance to win some great prizes for both you and your company. IDUG and CA are again teaming to recognize innovative applications of DB2 technologies.

Submit your application for the CA IDUG Award for Outstanding Work in DB2 by April 26. Those recognized will be eligible to receive valuable prizes, including an IDUG conference pass, half-day consulting engagements by each of the four consultant judges, or expense reimbursement up to $1,500 for travel to an IDUG conference or an onsite consulting engagement. The prizes are provided through IDUG and four independent DB2 consultants.

Incidentally, the award sponsor, CA, is my current employer.

The work you do on DB2 is important. It's time you were recognized for it.