October 27, 2010

DB2 10 for z/OS has Arrived

Last week IBM announced the general availability of DB2 10 for z/OS. While DB2 10 provides greater scalability, robustness and reliability, the most significant enhancements in this release come in the area of performance. According to IBM, customers will see a 5-10 percent reduction in CPU, and, in some cases, up to a 40-percent CPU reduction can be attained for a given application.

I was just amazed when I heard Morgan Stanley reps discuss the 40-percent reduction they've seen in CPU, along with a near 90-percent reduction in locks and latch suspension time. For much more about DB2 10 for z/OS, check out the announcement letter.

Is your company planning on upgrading to DB2 10 in the near-term? And if so, what version of DB2 are you currently using? I'm curious. Please post your thoughts in the Comments section below.