October 18, 2010

DB2 Certification: Can it Help You Get That Next Job?

I've written about DB2 certifications before (here and here), but I want to let you know about a new book that's designed to be a study guide for the systems programmer certification (exam 737).

"DB2 9 System Administration for z/OS: Certification Study Guide"
is authored by Judy Nall. I recently talked to Judy and learned that every question on the 737 exam can be found in her book.

I've been taking the certification test for years as new releases of DB2 come out. I feel it's well worth my time and effort. While I've never been told I got a job because I was certified, I can't help but put myself in an employer's position: What if I was doing the hiring and it came down to two great candidates? Both have experience, both have worked for well-known companies. One person is certified, one isn't. Who would I choose?

Awhile back I was searching the job site and counted five DB2 z/OS DBA positions that required certification. While one can't draw any sweeping conclusions from my brief study, I do think certifications matter -- especially in this job market.

How about you? I'd like any experienced DB2 for z/OS DBA who isn't certified to explain the reasoning behind their decision. Please leave your thoughts in Comments.