October 04, 2011

Don't Forget About DB2 9

While I was at the IDUG conference in Australia last month, I overheard someone asking about the new features in DB2 Version 10. What struck me was this particular customer was on DB2 8 and planning to skip to the current version. The query made me realize that some people may be unaware of all of the key enhancements in DB2 9 that they'll get when upgrading from DB2 8 to DB2 10.

I started writing about DB2 9 in 2007. I offered my top 10 reasons to move to DB2 9. I also discussed how easy it was to take advantage of DB2 9, and DB2 9's most consumable improvements.

So if you want to know what's so great about DB2 9, you can get a quick introduction from those previous posts. The information may be old news for some, but for others who've worked with earlier DB2 versions for years, it's worthwhile. Plus, I'm often asked about things I've written three or four years ago, so I know some of you are reviewing my old posts. It is nice to see that the archives maintained by IBM Systems Magazine are being used by so many.