September 04, 2012

DB2 10 Benefits

DB2 10 has many new features that, I believe, cost-justify migrating sooner rather than later. Clearly, the top driver is CPU savings. While I pointed out two weeks ago that the CPU savings resulting from a move to DB2 10 will vary (in part stemming from your own migration preparations), customers across the board should see significant cost reduction.

In this video, IBM claims most customers will see at least a 10 percent savings in CPU -- and in some cases, the CPU reduction could be as high as 40 percent. Time-travel queries (temporal tables) and direct-row access (hash access) are also discussed in the video.

Relatedly, Rick Bowers, director of DB2 for z/OS, presents the case for upgrading to DB2 10 in this interview at IOD 2010. He touches on key DB2 10 features like performance with CPU savings and application temporal tables. Bowers also points out that DB2 10 provides greater scalability through its support of data sharing member consolidation.

Note that some new features -- like hash access and temporal tables -- will require application design and coding changes.

So for anyone who already has or plans on migrating to DB2 10, what was behind your decision to move? Please share your thoughts in Comments.