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August 30, 2009


Arv, how do these new features, and the JVM work IBM is doing in general, compare to what other platforms have? Or more simply stated: What are the big reasons for choosing IBM i to run a java virtual machine on top of?

I look forward to your answer as this is one I don't know how to answer when I get asked, simply because by all appearances you would think that Java applications aren't really that integrated because of the JVM layer and thus don't capitalise as much on the nice integrated features we have in IBM i (i.e. DB2, work management, logging, etc)

Aaron, just because Apple doesn't make every component in an iPhone doesn't make the iPhone less "Apple" or less "integrated" ... the Apple magic comes from the job that they do with the components that they pick. The same with the IBM i.

We ship the same IBM JVM on IBM i (IT4J) that is shipped on other platforms but on IBM i we have added some additional capabilities that are not available on other platforms or provide interfaces to make information much easier to attain.

* Provide a single interface to work with and manage all IT4J JVM's in your partition and allows real-time monitoring of your IT4J JVM's.
* Provide additional capability to gather and analyze GC information.
* Through wrkjob or wrkjvmjob you can see an integrated stack that includes Java frames, native frames and the OS frames.
* Propagate JVM error information into the joblog.
* Integrate IT4J JVM information into the IBM i Performance Explorer tools that allow you to analyze your IT4J performance as well as how it impacts the entire partition.
* Provide CPU usage, priority, Java thread name and other job related statistics through work management interfaces.
* Ability to display IT4J JVM start up options
* Ability to display the IT4J JVM environment variables.
* Integration with the IBM Toolbox
* Integration with RPG

Is it POSSIBLE to do most of the list on other platforms? Sure, but YOU download the right level of tooling, put it in the right directory, set the right environment variables or command line options -- YOU do the integration. On IBM i we dot the i's and cross the t's on testing, upgrades, PTFs. We are a one-stop place to call. We believe that is still where the value is.

Hi Dawn, I'm glad to access your blog for system i. May I ask you one question about SNA for system i? Does system i support SNA? If not, how do you access zSeries?
Thanks for your help.

Regarding your question on SNA - yes, IBM i does indeed support SNA. You can read about our communications support in the Information Center at

The question of SNA support comes up from time and time, and I plan to write a blog entry on it sometime in the future.

Dawn,thanks your reply. we accesee to zSeries by SNUF over SNA with 2838 (10/100 Ethernet card). I know the v6r1 Giga Ethernet card doesn't support SNA. If we can't use SNUF access to zSeries in V6R1 or not ?
Hope your help.

Hi, quick question:How do I move and in system / lib and Jbed.apk in system / app ?Whenever I try it, I get a message that "You cannot paste here because the file system is read only"However, I installed Jbed.apk and it's not able to start. OI File Manager cannot start either (they probably need the files mentioned above).Thank you for any help

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