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June 14, 2010


That's great! I can't wait to try this out.

This a good command but it cannot be used for "CD" images downloaded(FTP'd) from fix central. Their extentions are ".bin" and are not recognized by this API. you can use *ALL in place of *ISO, but then you might load invalid file types and the LODIMGCLG fails.
This is a good command but I see it as only half finished.

I typically isolate a Fix Central set of .bin files in its own directory anyway. Doing so should eliminate the problem of accidentally including invalid files in the image catalog. While I'd like to see it "fully finished" by way of a promptable CL command, or even options on the WRKIMGCLG display, this API seems like a good start.

Bryan, An APAAR (SE43933) has been opened to add support to only add .bin files (New *BIN value).

Wesley, There have been discussions on adding this support to the ADDIMGCLGE command in a future release. It would help if you could provide the value add of also updating the command. I see the command as providing the same support as the API. Do you see additional functionality that could/should be provided at the command level? Thanks for your feedback.

Jeff, I can see the value in an option on the WRKIMGCLG screen to add entries to the selected image catalog.
I suppose I can see the value on the CRTIMGCLG command to have the option to add images at that time. Currently the CRTIMGCLG command has a option "IMPORT". Maybe there could be an add option.

Bryan, Thanks for your feedback. We'll make sure to look into each of those options.

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