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September 15, 2010


Thanks for the post Mark. I am wondering if you could describe what you mean by integrated? The second time you mentioned it, it felt more like integrated meant pre-installed and lightweight.

IBM i and integration is the best thing about the platform and I always look forward to seeing how IBM might be making things more integrated. I think Java has always lagged on being truly integrated, but that might just be because it runs atop another VM instead of right on top the OS.

Integrated appears to mean that it's included with the OS itself, rather than needing to be licensed separately. There are other differences, including that it's not a full-fledged EJB container.


Thanks for your question. Starting in IBM i 6.1, IAS ships as part of the base operating system. It is also shipped, via base operating system PTFs, on v5r4. So I think that IAS could be characterized as 'pre-installed', which is certainly part of what makes it integrated. However, there are things beyond this that help to further integrate IAS into the IBM i operating system. I think that another key integration point is that updates to IAS are done using PTFs. There is also integration via CL commands, STRTCPSVR and ENDTCPSVR, as well as the capability to create and manage IAS servers using the IBM Web Administration for i Web user interface.

In IBM i 7.1 we made a few enhancements to further integrate IAS. The 'Work Management -> Server Jobs' task in IBM Systems Director Navigator for i now identifies IAS server jobs, and a new PTF pre-condition was added specifically for IAS, giving us much more flexibility in providing IAS PTFs that can be applied without requiring an IPL.

I hope this helps clarify what I meant by saying IAS is integrated. Thanks very much!

Is IAS capable of deploying J2EE 2.5 war files? Where can I find the supported specs for IAS. Thx.

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