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May 10, 2011


I should note this PTF is only available on the 7.1 release.

Why does everything from IBM have to be so complicated? On other systems you say I want the output in .PDF format and you tell it the printer you want it to print to? Can't IBM supply everything behind the scenes to just make it work?

I love the system i (I still call it the AS/400) but I also understand why people think this system is from the dark ages and are actually surprised that we are on this platform.

Keep it simple.

So, what's the ptf for v6r1?

Great PTF, too bad it is only for 7.1 release....

Dawn, Do you know if there are any intentions of providing us this PTF for V6R1??? This is great stuff. Been waiting a long time. Thanks

This enhancement was only made available in V7R1 because it makes use of significant changes between V6R1 and V7R1 in both Host Print Transform and the 57xxTS1 Transform Services product. Those changes would have to be PTF'd back to V6R1 first, and that's a major undertaking (I'm not saying it's not on the table, but, we cannot commit yet to something that far into the future.)

The non-PDF part of the CPYSPLF changes could be PTF'd back now if that would really be useful, then *PDF added later if and when it becomes available in Host Print Transform. However, we are concerned that these other image and document formats would not meet users' requirements.

Best regards,
Bob Baron, IBM

Making PDF from a spooled file is a feature I've been waiting for a long time. Unfortunately even on the 7.1 version, the solution lacks the support of the 870 code page characters.
It's hard to explain to the customers, that this feature is not suitable for hungarian characters.
It should be a simple and complete solution.

Hi Dawn,

Thanks for the article. Generating a PDF from a SPLF instantly becomes easy with this PTF, as long as I am able to make use of it.

My biggest problem with this is that my PDF does not end up looking as nice as the printout. Do you know if there is a way to adjust offsets and etc? When I print the SPLF to paper it looks perfect, but when I CPYSPLF it to PDF, the overlay is not in the correct place.

Sorry for the delay. I really should check in more often to see if there are new comments.

On the code page 870 question, the v7.1 support requires availability of an AFP font to embed into the PDF in order to properly display characters outside of the ANSI set. This is mentioned in section 10.5.2 of the redbook that provides the IBM i 7.1 Technical Overview:

The two font LPs suggested in the redbook article have since been replaced by *5733-B45; IBM AFP Font Collection for i, V3.1* The "Outline" font feature of this LP provide the best fonts for use in PDF. Once you've installed the SBCS Outline Font option of this LP, PDF documents with code page 870 will be created so they can be displayed correctly.

The overlay positioning problem that Jeff mentioned sounds like it may be a problem that development needs to look at. Contact IBM Software Support and they can help collect the proper documentation so we can investigate it.

Hope this helps,

Hi Dawn,

Do you know if this PTF can support AFP functions like graphics and barcodes..?

Hi Dhiraj,
The PDF transform used by CPYSPLF supports all but the very newest barcodes (like DATABAR.) And It supports AFPDS fonts and images, including JPEG and TIFF. I am not sure about GOCA graphics -- I haven't tested one that yet.

Hope this helps,

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