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August 03, 2011


Very nice Dawn! You are absolutely right: I totally overlooked the changes to WRKSPLF in 5.4.

I think I'll go through the Memo to Users to see what other gems I've been ignoring!

Hi Buck,

Be aware that you will not find functional enhancements documented in the Memo To Users. The MTU is to document what IBM considers to be "incompatibilities" - for example, things that used to work one way, but now work a different way in the next release.

Enhancements generally don't fall into that type of change and thus, are not included in the Memo To Users.

IBM generally tries to make enhancements such that everything continues to work just the way you are used to. While this is great because you don't have to learn new things, it's a disadvantage because it's very easy to miss things that have been enhanced.

The additional disadvantage comes with commands; commands are not changed flagged in the Information Center, so it can indeed be difficult to figure out what is new in each release! Thus why I keep trying to write about some of these older topics in this blog.


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