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August 28, 2012



I have used the Functional Usage Capabilities for several years, but there is a feature i miss or atleast i can't find it. An easy way to distribute these settings to another system. There is no copy, retrieve, save or restore what i am aware of. Is there a way to do this?

Thanks in advance.


One of the criticisms of moving from the "old" PDF documentation, that replaced the Library Manager manuals that replaced the even older paper manuals, to the InfoCentre is that there is so much that is seemingly arbitrarily not there. Such things as the documentation on the function IDs, to me, should go there, not some IBM Systems Magazine or DeveloperWorks article.



Hi Kevin,
The Information Center should be the one place to get all the Information, but there are three issues that I think will always exist:
- The Information Center is not dynamic - it's updated on a schedule and is controlled by IBM.
- The Information Center is very task-oriented - the documentation is geared to describing how to do something. It doesn't often go into conceptual information tell you WHY you want to do something.
- And there are pockets of information that are missing - the latest documentation on recent add function PTFs, for example. Or, as I discovered, the function usage ID documentation (which, by the way, I have asked to have added to a document such as the security reference, but I have no idea as to whether my request will be accepted).

Please use the reader feedback capability within the Information Center if you find something that is missing; IBM does read them; IBM may not make the requested change or update, but the request will be considered.

Just this week, Steve Will's You and i blog is on the IBM i Information Strategy - read it if you haven't already.

And in case you haven't read my first blog, Why i Can, it deals with this very issue and why I write this blog every week.

So - to summarize this long reply - I think we agree it should be better; developerWorks, blogs, and other sources of documentation exist because it isn't.


Hi Krister,
I have found the information regarding saving/restoring the function usage information.

That information is saved by SAVSECDTA. It is restored by RSTUSRPRF USRPRF(*ALL) in combination with RSTAUT.

It may be possible to distribute this information at a more granular level with the user function registration APIs. I don't know if there are any applications/utilities that encapsulate these APIs into a distribution or save/restore function.

Here's the URL to the section in the 7.1 Information Center where this is documented -

Also - I have forwarded your comment to the team that develops the Application Runtime Expert product - wouldn't it be nice if function usage and user exit program information were supported by that product?


(I need to thank the save/restore and security teams for assisting me with this answer).

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