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February 27, 2013


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Would like more information on disk performance. I have 4 LPARs where LPAR 1 & 2 are not I/O intensive. Can I configure 2*5805 for LPAR 1&2 and 2*5913 for LPAR 3&4?

1. how is this done or implemented?

2. Would this effect the overall performance of the machine knowing that IBM i uses single level storage.

HI Warren,

Adapter pairs may not be split between IBM i LPARs. In other words, a single IBM i LPAR must have both adapters that make up the pair allocated to it in order to be in a supported configuration.


Hi Dawn,

Each LPAR will have it's own pair of adapter. My concern is that I am configuring 2 different adapter which have different cache size. Would that effect the overall performance of the machine?
Do I create different ASP for the different LPARs?

I will be contacting Warren directly offline as this discussion is moving off-topic from the blog post.

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