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January 29, 2014


I'm glad I read your post - we were trying to figure out why we couldn't compile RPG with the new features. We installed the missing PTF's and everything is working now.

Hi Al,
Glad this blog was helpful!

Everyone - Tim Rowe has also published a new blog, "Removing the Confusion Around Free-Form RPG", that you may find helpful. Read it here:


Will future TRs blow away the compiler features a shop's code depends on or is this something IBM may try to avoid in the future?

Greetings, IBM has never been in the practice of removing features from the compiler that code is dependent on, especially in a service stream. The new Free Format support is an addition to the compiler. It will no cause any issue with your existing code. You Column based or Previous Free Form style is completely NOT effected by this addition. An RPG program can be compiled with all styles with no issues.

Also, to point out, the TR ptfs them self will not effect the compilers, as Dawn references in her post, additions to the compilers are delivered in a separate PTF.

Hope that helps.

This blog was very helpfull due we are going to receive our new boxes with 7.1 and seeing forward to use the new Free Format RPG.
Thanks a lot.

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