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August 28, 2012


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Roxanne Reynolds-Lair

Mobile capability is a top priority for FIDM students and we just delivered our first three mobile apps allowing students to access their schedule of classes, college calendar and campus hours All were custom developed in house on our Websphere portal on IBM i on Power 7. We've received great feedback from students including one who said "this is SIQQQ! :-)"

Don Rima

Jon/Susan, the nice thing about ANY mobile has an "off" switch. Consider using it liberally... :)

Dan Devoe

... on IBM i on Power 7. We've received great feedback from students including one who said "this is SIQQQ! :-)"

I don't know where FIDM is, but I'm assuming that they offer courses for students looking for a BS in Computer Science.

I would make it a point ask ALL professors of IT classes to tell their students that this mobile app is hosted on an IBM i on Power 7 - and explain why it wasn't hosted on a Windows solution

Jon Paris

@Don - Strange thing is that when you do that it miraculously loses it's ability to act as a phone. Odd that. But removing the FB app completely does work while still allowing the device to work.

@Dan - Thanks for giving me a huge chuckle this morning. FIDM is in LA - and they teach Fashion Design and Merchandising. Not an IT degree in sight.

But I do agree with your basic sentiment.

Jon Paris

@Roxanne Congratulations - I'd like to hear more about these new apps. DId you do them as web-based or native or ... ?

You guys are always at the forefront - as befits an organization concerned with fashion I guess.

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