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September 04, 2012


Jon Paris

Just to update the HTML Form issue. Kodiak support have now told me that although their current engine renders HTML there is no underlying web server - hence the lack of GET/POST support.

This feature is under development and should be available in the next release.

Gene Rodrigues

ZIP file extraction does not work in Kodiak PHP. I wrote a ftp script in Kodiak PHP to transfer files from an ftp server running on my iPhone. The files were transferred but I was unable to extract the files. That is, Kodiak displays messages indicating the files are being extracted and a completion message but no files are extracted from the archive.

The above is not the case with Kodiak Javascript. It extracts the same ZIP files with no problems. It is also possible to transfer files to Kodiak Javascript through Dropbox. I'm hoping to see similar improvements added to the Kodiak PHP editor.

In any case, the Kodiak PHP has a lot of potential, and more so if the developers devise methods of working around Apple's stringent development restrictions.

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