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September 20, 2012


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Marcin Perłak

Thanks for great hints how to access the info about IBM Mobile Database.
Do you know maybe how to sync with DB2 on other mobile platforms - like iOS or recent Windows8 RT? So the mobile app can work offline and sync with the DB2 on demand?

Pi Guang Ming

I hear that looks like that's 2013 year work.It starts to support Android from the very beginning.

Stuart Milligan


re: your article rather than this blog post.

As you know our tools are used to reverse engineer the relational model "automagically" (your term as I recall) from RPG/COBOL/SYNON. Up until about two years ago, this was primarily motivated by BI, or modernization projects at our customers. It was very rare that we were working with a DBA at an IBM i site. things are definitely changing. at least 50% of new customers for our data modelling tools, are spearheaded by DBA's, and existing customers are now employing DBA's who are now increasingly asking for more Data management features. we are obliging at a furious pace.

So it does bare out your observations, that DBA's are becoming a prominent feature at many IBM i installations.

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