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December 05, 2012


Steve Anderson

I've been "testing" 8.5 since it came out. There were a few little quirks that I was able to overlook. KLists didn't always show up in the Outline View, and there was a problem with the hover in Debug, but both were easily work-around-able. I like the dynamic Outline, and that host variables in SQL statements now show up in the Outline. The 'reconnect' issue you mentioned was probably the most bothersome. I am now in the habit of saving before I undock my laptop, closing RDP, and opening it back up when I get where I'm going.

All in all, not too bad an experience, and the fix-pack (8.5.1) seems to have made things better.

Danny Hayes

I found that if you move the KLISTs to the top of your source they do show up in the Outline, but if you put them in the *INZSR they do not.

Ken Killian

I like the update to the table view to change the date format: Windows>Preferences>Remote systems>IBM i>Table View>Date Column Format.
And the "Remote Reconciler" view is pretty nice for off-line projects too! A nice was to check if files are in synch.

Chris Nickchen

Here is a feature that should be in RDP by now. I put in the RFE to request it back in May 2012 when I noticed rdp for aix tooling got this feature and which java already had in RAD/eclipse. The feature is test coverage in rdp for i languages (rpg/cobol/clp). More people need to vote on this to get it on the radar for ibm rational development. Could you promote the RFE?

Bruce Guetzkow


I've been trying to get/install the latest RDP update to no avail. Any chance that you could point me to something other than the circular references on the IBM website?

I downloaded and tried to get it installed, but keep getting asked for the's a ZIP...not a disk image. (But I digress...)

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

Jon Paris

Hi Bruce - the answer is actually quite simple. If you take the zip (or .exe if that is what you have) of the RDP 8.5 install media and unzip it manually to a directory on the PC you will see a directory in there called (I think) Disk1 or something similar. When it asks for the CD you just point it at that directory.

I seem to recall that there was a discussion on this on WDSC-L at midrange but I can't see it now. It is a strange one because the problem did not occur for me but did for Susan. This was how we fixed it.

Bruce Guetzkow

For anyone following this thread here is a followup:

I exchanged a couple of emails with Jon and the "disk" that I needed had nothing to do with the fix was from the original install media for V8.5, something I NEVER would have thought of. Once I got the correct CD in the drive it only took a couple of minutes to install.

We have 3 disks for RDP: One labeled "Quick Start", one labeled "RPG and COBOL Development Tools for i" and a third disk that has no special designation. It is that third disk that got me going (I have since labeled it for future reference).

Jon, thanks again for your help...see you & Susan at WMCPA in March!

Carol Bastien

I just installed version 8.5 and so far it looks ok EXCEPT the outline view is empty and the refresh icon is grayed out :(

No outline for me?

Also, have I missed a link to get the fix in here somewhere?

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