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February 20, 2014



The perception is that we should have already modernised. Executives wonder what it is we've been doing all these years, and why they should spend money to do the same things we already do, only now in a browser. They see that as treading water, not progress.


"First, 89 percent have had complaints from end users about green-screen applications. Those of our readers who adhere to the 'sometimes green is best' philosophy might be surprised by that."

I wonder how many had complaints after modernizing. Don't forget that users /always/ are complaining.

The green screen is a robust environment. Not-using a mouse increases productivity in many cases, this is why most pros operate with keyboard shortcuts all the time -- even in windows.

If not designed properly, a clicky-color-color GUI can be frustrating. However, an attractive working environment can contribute to workers' overall happiness. So I'd like to see our company investing in modernization, but with an appropriate budget in a sustainable way. Unfortunately, there are other things to do yet.

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