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October 05, 2011


Bruce, I agree, Twitter is becoming so much more than I gave it credit for. I started using it more about 1yr ago. It is a nice and simple way for me to get the word out about things I want people to know about.

As IBMi professionals it is very important we keep up to date on what is possible on our beloved machine. We don't need to have in-depth knowledge on every single subject, but we do need to know where to go to become more informed. Being informed and resourceful is what I like to call "employment insurance" and also gives ammo for those board room meetings where talk of leaving the platform comes up.

Thanks, Bruce, for this article and for all the IBM i information that you re-tweet. Let's keep those #IBMi tweets coming!

I agree with the use of Twitter as an effective mechanism to "get the word out" on IBMi and share into with others in the IBMi community. You can find me @IBMiCiO


When I began my Twitter-quest I had no idea how much information from so many IBMi-ers was out there, including the three of you. Retweets are a big part of it, making sure that more people see the info.

One other person of note that should be mentioned is Jenniefer Halverson. She puts together a daily newspaper devoted to IBMi: An invaluable resource that is composed from much Twitter material.

The key point is not about who says things, but about getting the info out there. It is truly an amazing tool.

Thanks for this article, Bruce. I too find it gratifying that IBM i folks are starting to embrace this powerful networking and information-sharing platform. You and your readers might want to look at this list of Tweeps (Twitter profiles) I put together sometime back as a resource to help IBM i folks more easily find and follow each other:!/billricecomm/ibm-i-related/members. Since Twitter doesn't yet allow individuals to add themselves to a list, I am happy to add (or remove) anyone by emailing me: br @ People can also just subscribe to the tweets coming from everyone on the list by going to the list URL above and clicking "Subscribe."


That is one amazing list! Thanks for sharing it with us all. We are definitely not just a handful of tweeps.

The #IBMi Twitter paper has moved to

It is also accepting ads from any source and the proceeds will go to an i charity such as COMMON Education (still working on those details). If anyone would like the ad specs, please email @ jenniefer@gmail-dot-com

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