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>There are some ISVs who may be able to compete much better against an x86 solution if they could simply sell a cloud-based IBM i solution on a monthly-fee basis, rather than asking a customer to buy a Power System.


I am hoping IBM makes this happens at a rapid pace the remainder of 2011. I really think this is the barrier to our beloved platform being adopted by never-touched-an-IBMi type people.

Keep up the good work on the virtual partitioning of IBM i in the cloud.

from a solutions perspective.... Tom in one his recent I/V's with IT Jungle did bring out the essence of the transformation the platform needs to undergo...
"If I can services-enable RPG and connect to it from a workflow, or I can get to it from a rules engine or an event process or a correlation engine, then I have incorporated all of this investment in RPG into a grander scheme of how I am doing new, modern applications. I am not making dramatic changes in my RPG, but I am repurposing it into new applications."
This repurposing is what the community should focus its efforts on.... we cannot conitnue to live by the same old notions of scalability, relability, it has been working for 20 years so why change.... if the community does not wake up to this reality quickly we will be the dinosaurs that the Open systems guys speak of

The potential to reach beyond the scope and power of to-days x86 platforms is tremendous. We currently have a client using our IBM i on Power "cloud" based ERP, running 47 modules simultaneously and they have less than a dozen users.

Aaron - Thanks for the encouragement. As IBM adapts to this change in how servers get used, a number of parts of the business have to coordinate their changes. We're making progress, and we need our customers and ISVs to help us identify the key areas where change is needed first.

SSS - That is a very good point. Any long-lived platform needs to evolve in order to have the capabilities required in a modern IT shop. We have worked to ensure that the operating system is evolving, but we are not the entire "platform." For a business, the platofrm includes its applicationa, and applications need to evolve, as expectations of those applications increase. Thanks for the comment.

"There are some ISVs who may be able to compete much better against an x86 solution if they could simply sell a cloud-based IBM i solution on a monthly-fee basis, rather than asking a customer to buy a Power System."

Let me echo Aaron's YES! YES! YES!

An IBM i ISV may have the BEST business application and ability to provide the BEST support but run into a metaphorical concrete wall while attempting to introduce an IBM i system to an organization that has standardized on a different platform.

The cloud model changes that. You don't have to approach a customer with a major capital expense. You may even be able to approach end-users directly, rather than go through an organization's IT gatekeepers.

I've been looking at IBM's SmartCloud Enterprise initiative. It looks pretty good. Just add IBM i on Power to the mix. Don't stop with just Linux, Windows, and AIX.


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