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Steve, I am ready to get some light from your ladder.
I must say that every day I am amazed by IBM i.
From every place of the world, I just enter a userprofile and a password to create dynamically a session which is a real virtual computer. Each user dynamically connected shares the same programs and database. And, believe it or not, when someone closes a session, it disappears as it came! Could you imagine a session being Internet Explorer or Google Chrome? For that, it’s necessary to convert the DSPF into a markup language and to have a web controller for business applications. In fact what IBM calls Cloud Computing for Microsoft or UNIX is nothing but Service Bureau. Why IBM has no plan to reinvigorate RPG to make it the skin of a Cloud Computing integrated system? What are you doing this time in your laboratories? Nothing? Are you building another EGL? Some people are speaking about the death of RPG? I must say the death of RPG with a lot of gold in its hands!!!

This post made me realize there are probably many ways to describe "Why IBMi?"

With that said...

I am putting together a form of research initiative that aims to quantify why a non-IBMi tech person should consider or pursue IBMi. I believe one of the best sources of this information can come from the community, so I've setup a GoogleDoc that can be edited by anybody (no Google signup required).

If you are interested in contributing then please head over to this link:

The results of this will be placed onto IBM's IBMi wiki page for all to see and act as a place we can point people.

Here's a tweet phrase if you are looking to share socially:

Why #IBMi? If you had to convince a #Ruby #PHP #Java dev to run their app on #IBMi what would you say? Comment here:

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