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I must say i agree with Steves comments, I also attended the show (in fact exhibited at the show in Sendai with our superb Japanese business partner Solpac)

The show was huge and well in excess of 1100 attendees which makes me think this is the largest show of its kind worldwide

The professionalism and friendliness at the show, its exhibitors, attendees, in fact everybody we met was heart warming , i feel we can learn a lot about ourselves from spending time immersed in the Japanese culture, the service, politeness and caring ways are a real asset

The after show party was great , an amazing piano performance , great food and drink, great people.

I met Alison (who i seem to bump into in every place i visit no matter how far away i go) and Steve also, who i must admit this was the first time i have met him, BUT i won't forget him, one snappy dresser

Will Halcyon attend again, ABSOLUTELY

I know i have concentrated on the social aspect of the show but this is as important as all the superb information Steve has provided , it helps to know that work and play and when all is said and done, real business can be done if you work at it and travel to where it is and i for one will make sure that Japan is very high on my list of priorities when planning the 2013 travel budget.

Thankyou to every person i met and hello to everybody i haven't met , yet.

Without question this was a truly impressive event. One of the fact Steve did not mention was that our three sessions were translated into Japanese as we were speaking by some very talented ladies. by our estimates they were only 1-2 second behind the presentation. This helps us deliver as much information as possible in a short time.

And probably out of modesty, Steve should also mention that his session was highly attended. In excess of 150 people came to hear about what is going on with IBM i and many declined the translator headphones to hear deliver the message in English.

Always great to see the folks in the community passionate about the most wonderful platform in the world! Here's to the next event!

Happy Turkey Day!


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