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Why tease everyone with these mysterious "well known companies"? IBM should pay them to be a reference. Heck, maybe just give them discounts on the hardware. Anything so that their names can be used. You're IBM, you've got more money and lawyers than you know what to do with.

This is the kind of stuff that should be shouted from the rooftops, that IBM i is great and strong and used by these well known companies. Instead the rest of the world thinks IBM=old and antiquated, Microsoft and Linux= new and cutting edge.

Many times we don't see the platform in the background, but every now and then ... I was in a store of a large retail chain earlier this week and asked if they had an item in stock. The sales clerk walked over to her 5250 green screen terminal, signed on and I had the answer in about 10 seconds. It wasn't pretty, but it sure worked!

It's by no means the first time I've seen 5250 screens in stores. I guess that has to be some advantage to companies that still use the green screen interface - at least it's obvious to us "insiders" that it's an IBM i in there. With a browser interface, chances are it's also IBM i, but it's not nearly as obvious.

I agree with the commenter, IBM should be flaunting the companies that use an IBM i. Especially since banks and casinos seem to be big customers. I used to work for a bank that ran Jack Henry on an IBM i. If they got the word out to the public that the i is a very secure and reliable machine, and that banks and casinos trust it for their systems, it would get others thinking that an IBM i could be part of the solution they are looking for.

I will confess one of my long, long back old dreams ... I will be at the cash desk, see the green screen, see that it is stuck and will tell them what keys to punch and see their big smile because it was once again working ... Alas, I used to see many green screens but they were never stuck ... always and always worked. Nostalgia, it is not what it used to be!

I agree that IBM should be trying to convince more large companies to allow their names to be used. While the financial industry may not have a shining public reputation right now, the fact that many use IBM i is an indication of it's reliability and security--two very important factors for companies now. And anyone that wants a reliable system to keep their website running can't do better than IBM i!

And, like Susan, I too have seen employees at a major hardware/home supply store switch to the green screen to check inventory. It's not often that I cheer in a checkout line!

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