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My first reaction is: EXCELLENT! Hardware is on top!! :-) :-)

This looks extremely useful!
I need to use it for a while but initially it looks great.

This looks GREAT!!! At last, one link to rule them all. Get it?

Roll on go-live (and IBM i 7.2).

Thank you.

Thanks for the comments, everyone. Keep them coming. I have forwarded them (well, a link to this blog, with the comments attached) to the Knowledge Center team.

"One link to rule them all ..." I love it!

This is sooo much better! Good job! You need to get this out quickly.

What about Support Portal? How does this relate? Is KC a subset, a superset, a replacement?

Ronald, the Support Portal remains separate from the product documentation, as it has been. There is a link between the two -- I know our IBM i welcome page on the Knowledge Center has a direct link to the Support Portal.

Glad to see them looking into this. Man, it is FAST - that helps a lot.

I went to give feedback but gave up after I realized the daunting number of required fields so I will comment here to see if anybody concurs.

In short, the knowledge base feels a bit like the year 2008. Why? Because it doesn't incorporate very many of the features we see in the most popular tools in 2013/2014. In particular I would expect many of the features that have so community participation can be voted up/down, editable comments, answers AND comments, notification mechanisms, ability to see where somebody else made a comment (i.e. trending), etc.

The other feature I'd love to see is the ability for the community to submit corrections/additions in organized fashion. GitHub does this with "fork" and "pull requests"** and it has fundamentally changed collaboration and contribution as is evidenced by GitHub taking over as the top open source site a few years back.


I realize the Knowledge Center might not be the place for this type of thing, but where?

Aaron Bartell

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