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Another inspirational batch of DB2 enhancements are in TR8. I'm noticing QSYS2.GET_JOB_INFO, which can retrieve the current or most recent SQL statement of a job (not sure if that's TR8 or an earlier one), and QSYS2.GENERATE_SQL(), which will create DDL for database objects, an aid for those converting to DDL or simply trying to recover the DDL for objects previously created. To me, TRs are shots of adrenaline that spur the IBM i community on to continual innovation.

Mentions of hardware! A breath of fresh air!!

Have you heard anything about an update to the Apache web server as part of TR8?

Greetings there was no significant update to the apache server for tr8, but there is a update to the integrated web server. Ibm I has been leveraging the lwi based web server. During the tr8 time frame we are also now using the websphere liberty java web server as the integrated application server. We will have 2 different server run times for now as we make the transition to the liberty server into the future

We have a customer who is currently at TR7 and looking at Power 8. Is TR8 required to run on a Power 8 machine?

Joe, yes, to work on POWER8 systems, customers need 7.1 TR8 or 7.2.

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