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January 08, 2008


That´s great, but i guess it works only with VIOS or greater.

I´m with, but downloading the patches just now. :)

I´ve just tested it. It´s awesome.

Do you know if we can use the virtual optical device to record isos?

We tried it to install Linux on Power SLES10 SP1. We upgraded VIO to latest release available.
We could boot on the virtual media, but after entering install menu and setting up a few informations, it complained : "failed to mount cd:///?devices/dev/sr0 on /mnt/..." and installation hangs.

Any clue ?



Ive been trying to create a Virtual Media Repository on a brand new p5 system, on the VIOSERVER.

The following is what IS tried and get errors:

$ mklv -lv datavg rootvg 20G
$ lssp -detail -sp datavg
Parent Storage Pool
$ mkrep -sp datavg -size 16G
"datavg " is not a valid logical volume backed storage pool.

Please kindly advise how to create the "logical volume backed storage pool" in the first place.



Hi charles

It seems that you have misunderstood the comand used to create the storage pool.

generally speaking, datavg is a seperate volume group created on the system to store data other than BOS (Base Operating System).

You can safely delete the logical volume you created and run this command instead:
$ mkrep -sp rootvg -size 20G
Virtual Media Repository Created
Repository created within "VMLibrary_LV" logical volume

You will now have an LV mounted on /var/vio/VMLibrary

This is where you copy/create the .iso images

I trust it will work after that....

You'll need an unused disk to create the pool. In my testing, I freed up hdisk1 my unmirroring the rootvg. Yes, just a test box, so no worries :) .

So as
($ = padmin, # = root )

$ unmirrorios hdisk1
# reducevg rootvg hdisk1
$ mksp datavg hdisk1

and resume the steps above starting with:

$ mkrep -sp datavg -size 16G



Is there a way that a "mksysb" image could be used instead of a .iso image ?


Take a look at this post:

It shows you how to take your mksysb file and turn it into an .iso image which you could then use with your virtual media library to boot from.

Hi Rob,

Thanks very much.


Rob, I was told in a course that the virtual optical device images can be used as lpp install sources with nim. The nim redbook is older than the vio image libarary so it doesn't address how to do this. Is there any documentation on how to set this up? I'm trying to avoid having 2 sets of images for our os versions - one on vio and one on nim. Thanks!

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