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October 27, 2010


"hmmm, the shiny red button. It seemed a little dusty, just a quick wipe and I will be done for the day." I wish I would have had a camera to catch the look on the cleaners face when all went dark... And, yes, the shiny red button now resides in a plexi-glass case with recessed access.

Here is another one. One of the breakers had blown in the electrical panel. Since the panel was locked, we call for the on duty electrician to turn it back on. He could not immediately see which breaker was flipped, so he proceeded to, one at a time, flip every breaker in the panel off and then on again. Yanking the power from the SAN while many systems are running led to a very interesting and long night.

I wonder how he explained this outage. The raised floor was still more than 1/2 empty. New gear was scheduled to arrived and small orange pylons we spread about to indicate placement. One operator brought in a remote control car and was racing it around the pylons on a great smooth surface. He lost control of the car and went up and into one of the active racks, hitting the breaker on the PDU. A number of systems down and the operator "didn't want to talk about it". :-)

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