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October 12, 2010


Does suspend/resume play nice with LPARs that have active NFS mounts or NFS exports? Since "All resources must be virtualized", my guess is that this is not an option for LPARs with NFS.

VIOS is already available, i've even installed it on 12 VIOS pairs sitting on top of some new 770's.

what i understand though, although am not completely clear on.. is that the storage pooling features(and others?) wont be available until the next fixpack set for December and Systems Director won't have an interface into it until mid-late 2011.

we're actually very eager to get the clustered filesystem feature into VIOS so that we can start managing storage in a similar way to how the ESX farms are done today.

The update to the VIOS Fix Pack 24 was straightforward.

VIOS V2.2.0.10-FP-24 is already available from IBM Support

The enhancements Rob's post is referring to such as Suspend/Resume is in
IBM PowerVM V2.2.0.11-FP24 SP01

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