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November 02, 2010


I also find it helpful to disable ha_mode during maintenance on the SEA, using chdev -dev enN -attr ha_mode=standby. That should keep all traffic on the SEA on the other VIO server.

The entstat -all enN (as padmin) also tells you the priority, whether the SEA is active, the High availability mode and the control channel.

it happend to m O_o
it was in the beginning of my aix careere, and i was still in the probation period at my new empoyer. well, it never happend again, but i still work at the same place :D

the mistake i made was that i assigned the ctrl_channel of server 1 to the sea device of server 2 and vice-versa, just a stupid typo but with crazy impact on the whole company...

Regarding BPDUGuard to prevent network loops - will the hypervisor in the power server (with or without multiple vSwitches) forward the MAC multicasts STP BPDUs are addressed to, out a physical interface in a SEA?

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