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May 24, 2011


For some other unsuitable terms, how about NIM clients called "machines", virtual disks called "Physical Volumes" in the LVM and the ubiquitous "system"? "Reboot the system" could mean restart a single LPAR (sorry "Virtual server") or the entire [managed] system.

And I can never forgive the marketing guys for that "System p" - how are you supposed to do a Google search for "p"?

I still get Vendors who say "We are not certified to run on virtual machines, if you use them, it is at your own risk and we will not support it."

Not long ago, this statement was much more common. So, I never told the vendors that an LPAR was another name for a virtual machine and there was never a problem. Other virtualization technologies have improved greatly, but they are still not to the LPAR level. I am not looking forward to the confusion this name change will make.

At our site we simply call them partitions, we do not differentiate between micro-partitions, full system partitions, capped or uncapped partitions. We just call them partitions and this helps avoid software vendor push back on the virtualization front.

Ken C.

Six months on from this announcement and the official documentation for Power7 ( still refers to logical partitions. Outside of Systems Director, the new terms (virtual server / virtual machine) don't seem to have much traction yet.

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