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November 08, 2011


Congratulations. You deserve it. And way to go on throwing down the "vi vs. emacs" gauntlet in your profile.

A weekly blog is not easy to keep up, and AIXChange has been a big factor in showing ordinary users like me where the rubber meets the road. It covers product announcements, technical tips, where to find resources, and even what you think about Daylight Saving.

I never miss out on reading my weekly AIXChange.

Well done, Champ!

congratulations Power Champ !!!
Rodrigo, Brazil

Rob, your articles are technically informative, profound in thought and certainly entertaining. You have my favorite mix for a weekly blog read. Thanks for the great work and congratulations on an International Award that was well deserved. Thanks Rob, Pacelli Pujals

Congratulations, son, from Bob McNelly. You are carrying on the tradition. I was involved with IBM products since 1967 and enjoyed more than 30 years programming mainframes. You not only can use the products of today, but you can explain them to others and you write in an informative and entertaining way.

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